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How You Save 60+ Hours a Month by Moving into Independent Living

A senior woman sits outside with her dog, drinking coffee on a wood bench surrounded by lush greenery

Time is money, they say. The more you can save, the more you have to spend on what you enjoy. A better expression might be, time is freedom. When you’re able to save time spent on routine responsibilities, each day becomes more liberating — yours to enjoy however you wish.This article will discuss how time much is spent on typical daily chores (the numbers may surprise you). Then we’ll delve into the ways in which a maintenance-free senior living community can save you time and money compared to living at home.

First, where does the time go?

Estimates of how a typical senior homeowner spends his or her time can be itemized and added up like this:

Housekeeping: 24 hours/month. In addition to general tidying up, you’ll make the bed, sweep, vacuum, mop, dust, put away dishes and utensils, wipe counters in the kitchen and keep the bathroom clean. You likely perform at least some of these tasks every day. By the end of the week, it adds up to 6 hours — multiply 6 hours x 4 weeks, and you’ve spent 24 hours/month on housekeeping.

Cooking: 32 hours/month. You owe yourself, and possibly a spouse or partner, three meals every day. You may prepare a snack here and there too. Even if you eat simply or dine out a few times, you likely spend more than 1 hour per day on cooking, serving and doing dishes. So let’s multiply 8 hours per week x 4 weeks. That’s 32 hours/month — that doesn’t include the pleasure of dining.

Lawn care: 6 hours/month. Mowing, watering, weeding, feeding – in Florida, lawn care is a 4-season sport. Say you spend an average 90 minutes weekly. Do the math and you’ve spent 6 hours/month on lawn chores.

Maintenance and repairs: a few hours + a lot of money. Homeowners learn to expect the unexpected – a clogged drain or gutters, dripping faucet, burned-out bulbs, torn screen, struggling AC, termites, painting needs (indoors or out). Even if you don’t do the work yourself, you’ll spend time finding a different resource for each issue. And then, of course, you’ll pay them. While these are less frequent hassles, they do arise and interrupt the lives of every homeowner.

In the end, it adds up to about 62 hours every month! Think about that: 62 hours of chores that keep you from seeing friends and family, playing golf or tennis, going to the beach, practicing artistic hobbies, or simply relaxing for a little while. There aren’t many people who like telling friends, “I can’t play bridge today; I have to plunge my shower.” You deserve better.

Now, let’s get that time back.

For seniors looking to save time and get more enjoyment from life, choosing a senior living community may be the perfect solution.Rightsizing to a cottage or senior apartment with maintenance-free independent living eliminates most of the time spent on the burdens of homeownership — yes, more than 60 obligation-free hours added to your free time every month.

Best of all, at a community like South Port Square in Port Charlotte, your independent senior living costs cover everything a homeowner has to hassle with. Housekeeping, maintenance and landscaping are our responsibilities. If you need maintenance or a repair, pick up the phone and dial one number. We’ll be there in a jiffy. Delicious, nutritious meals are included in your plan too. Your only job is to fill your newfound free time doing exactly what brings you joy. At South Port Square, each day presents residents with new activities as well as familiar favorites. Amenities and opportunities abound to create fun, friendships and overall fulfillment.And that, as they say, is time well spent.

To learn more about the affordable resort-style living and Old Florida charm enjoyed by South Port Square residents, contact us. The value of our maintenance-free lifestyle is sure to delight you.