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Use Respite Care to Test Out Assisted Living

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What Is Respite Care?

Respite care is a temporary  service  that gives the primary caregiver a break. This isn’t simply someone coming by the house for a short while so the caregiver can run to the grocery store or see to some other obligations. It’s trusted, professional assistance so that the caregiver can step away for several hours, days, or even longer.

Many senior living communities offer respite care in the form of short-term stays. These can be for only daytime hours or could include overnight stays for a number of days or weeks. This gives the primary caregiver the time they need to focus on other important aspects of their life.

How Do I Use Respite Care to Find the Best Assisted Living Community?

You can use respite care to find the best assisted living community for yourself or a loved one. Starting with a respite stay is the best way to experience the benefits of comfort, assistance and expert health care from caring professionals.

Questions to ask during a respite stay

The best way to decide if this is the right assisted living community for yourself or your loved one is to take advantage of a respite stay. Here are some questions you can consider asking about the respite stay.

Questions to ask the assisted living community

  • Is the community licensed and regularly inspected?
  • Can they provide the level of care needed, and increase that care over time if necessary?
  • What services are provided?
  • What are the prices of services, and will they increase over time?
  • What are the options of paying for
  • What social activities are available to enjoy?
  • Is transportation to doctor visits provided?
  • Can anyone visit at any time?
  • Are pets allowed?
  • Are there religious services available?
  • Are the grounds inviting and attractive?
  • Is the staff friendly and welcoming?

Questions seniors should ask themselves during the respite stay

  • Is it a place where I would want to spend time?
  • Do I feel safe and supported here?
  • Am I happy and content with the residential accommodations?
  • Are the activities provided ones I would enjoy? (Do they offer cooking classes, yoga, shopping trips, movie nights, game nights, book clubs?)
  • If I lived here, would I be able to keep my own schedule (get up early, sleep late, eat when I want, etc.)?
  • Does the atmosphere fit my personality?
  • Do the other residents seem like people I would like to get to know?
  • Would living here be an improvement in my quality of life?
  • Do I look forward to coming back here?
  • If I moved here, how would I pay for care?

Award-Winning Care at South Porth Square

When considering any living option, you only want the best for yourself or your loved one. That’s why we’re proud to be recognized as the Best of Senior Living for 2023 and 2024 by A Place for Mom. They also awarded us Best Meals and Dining in 2023. These awards represent the top 1-2% of senior care providers nationwide and are based on reviews by the people who know us best: residents and their families.

Try Out Assisted Living at South Port Square

Come visit us and let us show you the wonderful community we’ve created. You’ll feel the welcome atmosphere and see for yourself all the comfort, care and amenities we have to offer.

If you’re the caregiver, you’ll be able to take some true quality time for yourself, knowing your loved one is in the best, most caring hands. Your loved one will discover just how good their quality of life can be if our assisted living community were to become their home.