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Why Senior Living Communities With Experience Matters

senior man talking with a physician during an appointment

When you buy a new pair of shoes, you know the best is yet to come. On the shelf, the colors are vivid, and you won’t find any scuffs. You can try them on and make sure they fit, but you do so knowing they won’t be truly comfortable until later, when some of the newness has worn away. Over time, the leather molds into reliable, supportive footwear you know you can count on.

Senior living is much the same — except you have the option to skip past the awkward stage and uncomfortable blisters. An experienced senior living community has had the opportunity to work through inevitable hiccups and settle into doing what it does best: providing top-notch senior care in a comfortable and welcoming setting.

If you’re considering a move to a senior living community, it’s smart to compile a list of communities you can envision being your future home. With the growing number of senior living options, you’re likely to have brand-new choices, along with more seasoned retirement communities. When you’re evaluating the pros and cons of each one, remember there are many reasons why experience matters in senior living.


Senior Care Expertise

While those who provide senior care must meet stringent criteria no matter where they work, some training simply can’t be taught. It comes from years of working directly with seniors, finding solutions to their unique needs, and applying textbook lessons to the real world. A newer community is less likely to have staff with years of experience from working directly with seniors. And if it does have more seasoned team members, they’re usually still working on learning the ropes with a new employer.


Smooth Transitions

A Life Plan Community, where residents have access to a continuum of care, is another example where practice makes perfect. In a Life Plan Community, residents are able to transition from independent living to other levels of care if and when their needs change, creating a customized experience that provides just the right level of support. In an experienced senior living community, these transitions are common, so everyone involved has practice ensuring a seamless transition with minimal disruption to the resident’s daily life.


Personalized Care

In a newer community, programs and services can be formulaic because staff is still learning how to implement them. In an experienced senior living community, you’re far less likely to find a one-size-fits-all approach. Established programs and service offerings still provide a framework, but team members have the confidence to customize care plans to meet residents’ unique needs.


Proven Track Record

Some things only time can tell. A senior living community’s performance is one of them. When choosing an experienced senior living community, you don’t have to rely on your intuition alone. You can check out what others think based on reviews, and you can see how the community stacks up under scrutiny. Awards, ratings and other objective criteria give you insight on an established community that simply isn’t available for a newcomer. It comes down to balancing a promise versus proof.


Established Surroundings

Ambiance counts for quite a lot when you’re making a major lifestyle decision. Culture is something that takes time — even years — to develop, as residents and care team members create a sense of community together. Physical attributes take time to develop, too. Walking paths winding through the grounds are much more enjoyable with mature landscaping compared to trees and plants that haven’t begun to reach their potential.


Discover What Our Experience Means for You

With 35 years of experience, South Port Square provides seniors with the best possible care. As a Life Plan Community, we make it easy for seniors to transition levels of care, if necessary, and continue receiving the same familiar quality of service and support.