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5 Questions to Consider when Looking at Senior Apartment Floor Plans

happy senior woman smiling and looking through the window

One of the exciting things about the move to senior living is the opportunity to make a fresh start. You have the wisdom and wherewithal to create a lifestyle that suits who you are now and your vision for successful aging. Part of this process is choosing the senior apartment that best fits your needs, preferences and dreams. As you explore senior apartment floor plans, ask yourself these questions to help you find the perfect fit.

1. What Changes Would You Make to Your Current Home?

Whether the home you live in has too much space or not enough of the right luxuries, identify what you don’t like about your current home, so you know what to look for in a senior apartment. If you have extra bedrooms that never get used, you’ll know a one-bedroom or studio apartment might be perfect for your new lifestyle. Or if you long for a private outdoor space where you can savor your morning coffee, look for a floor plan that includes a lanai or balcony.

2. What Do You Love to Do?

 A move to a senior living apartment doesn’t mean giving up what brings you joy. In fact, the maintenance-free lifestyle ensures you have more time for your favorite pursuits. Make sure the floor plan you choose accommodates those hobbies, as well. If you’re an avid cook, you’ll want a full kitchen. If you love to host lively get-togethers, look for a spacious living room. Or maybe you want to shut out the world while you write your memoirs? Look for an extra bedroom that can double as a study/den.

3. What Do You Want to Bring with You?

For many, the move to senior living is a chance to get rid of clutter and downsize, but you probably have a few cherished pieces of furniture that you plan to include in your new lifestyle. If so, take their measurements and keep those in mind as you look over floor plan diagrams. And if you make an in-person visit, bring your measurements and your measuring tape with you, so you can determine whether your furnishings will fit.

4. What Services and Amenities Does the Retirement Community Offer?

It can be stressful to think about the things you’re not bringing with you. Maybe you love your morning walk and wish you had room for your treadmill. You might be an avid gardener or crafter, and worry you’ll miss your flower beds and craft room. Or are you a bookworm who longs to bring all your favorite volumes with you? This is where the services and amenities offered in senior living communities can help. They fill in the gaps, so you can enjoy your favorite routines and hobbies without having to bring everything you love with you. Look for community features that suit your particular passions, such as a fitness center or walking paths, community gardens, an arts and crafts studio, or a well-stocked library.

5. When Can You Visit?

Even the best 3D images won’t capture the look and feel of a home as well as an in-person visit. When you’ve narrowed down your list of senior living communities to a few favorite options, book tours so you can see with your own eyes whether the available apartment options would make a comfortable home. Check out the view from the apartment’s windows. Is there enough natural light? Can you imagine your favorite piece of art hanging on the wall? How would it feel to wake up here every morning and pad into the kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee?

Find the Perfect Fit at South Port Square

With a variety of two-bedroom, one-bedroom, and studio independent living apartments, South Port Square has the senior apartment floor plan to suit your style and needs. In each apartment, you’ll find sunny and inviting interiors, capacious closets, plus a covered lanai where you can enjoy a private outdoor haven. You can even customize your space by choosing the flooring and paint colors. What’s more, you’ll have access to the services and amenities that make South Port Square a dynamic and fun place to live.

Contact us to learn more about life here at South Port Square, or schedule a tour so you can find the perfect home for your maintenance-free retirement lifestyle.