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Why You Should Stay Active Throughout Retirement

Happy senior man riding his bike

Long, leisurely days with no place you have to be and nothing you have to do may sound like a retirement made of magic. It’s true, slowing down can be a major advantage in your golden years. However, most experts agree there are many benefits of seniors staying active, even as their pace of life shifts down a few gears.

Staying active isn’t just about being physically active (although that’s certainly part of it). But exercise aside, why is staying active important for seniors? Keeping up an active lifestyle offers numerous wellness and health benefits.


Better Quality of Life

You’ve probably heard that getting enough physical activity reduces your risk for numerous health conditions and helps you maintain a healthy weight, but did you know staying active can improve your quality of life in other ways? For example, your muscles naturally weaken with age, but when you lead an active lifestyle, you’re continually using your muscles and working to preserve your strength, balance, and flexibility. Maintaining your mobility helps ensure you retain autonomy and independence as you move through your retirement years.


More Restful Nights

Lounging all day can actually contribute to poor sleep patterns. Regular activity and better sleep go hand in hand. In part, it’s because pushing your body through the day means you’re more physically tired and ready to rejuvenate when night falls. For some people, the changes in your body temperature that occur during and after exercise can be a natural trigger to your brain that it’s time to wind down. Thanks to the feel-good chemicals associated with exercise, staying active can also counter sleep disruptions caused by anxiety and depression.


Opportunities for Socialization

Enjoying an active lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean hitting the gym; attending events and spending time with friends and loved ones helps add dimension to your life. Sticking close to home and lying  low probably means you’re limiting your social contact, and social isolation can be counterproductive  for your health. Your social circle tends to shrink as you age, but being socially active is essential for combatting conditions like loneliness and depression, both of which can lead to physical health concerns if left unchecked. Clubs, classes, and social events with other seniors are all good places to mix and mingle for a healthier social life.


A Sense of Purpose

When the demands of a career and growing family are gone, you may feel as though your life is lacking the purpose you once knew. Filling your days with meaningful activities can help you restore or reinvent your sense of purpose. Volunteering can be a highly rewarding experience, particularly if you dedicate your time or talents to a cause that moves you personally. Many senior living communities, including South Port Square, help facilitate volunteer opportunities for residents both on the community campus and  throughout the surrounding area.


Cognitive Stimulation

Languishing day after day does little to keep your brain sharp. The brain is a muscle that needs flexing to stay strong, so you’ll benefit by dedicating some of your active time to doing things that challenge and engage your brain. You might take part in lifelong learning programs, attend lectures, or take part in Happy Hours or dinner parties so you can enjoy thoughtful conversation with others.


Explore the Action at South Port Square

Retiring in a senior living community like South Port Square makes it easy to see the benefits of seniors staying active. Our independent living residents enjoy a vibrant lifestyle free of responsibility so they can fill each day with engaging activities they enjoy.

Our robust community calendar offers options for you to enjoy on your own or with your neighbors, so you can stay as busy as you like or kick back and relax when that’s what sounds best. You’ll find plenty of laughter and some friendly competition on the pickleball court, or enjoy the peaceful surroundings while you get your hands dirty in the community flower and vegetable garden.

A collection of resort-like amenities, including a fully equipped fitness center and heated indoor pool, put your wellness goals within reach, while inviting gathering spots like an ice cream parlor and town square ensure you’ll have plenty of options for socializing. Outside the community, you’ll find practically endless options for shopping, dining and entertainment throughout Charlotte County.

You’ll find everything you need and more to enjoy active senior living at South Port Square. Contact us to arrange a tour.